Thursday, May 26, 2011


Trouble watched her prey, like a BITCH in heat. The scent of her body screamed "sex". She was in need of a ride, riding fast and furious. A lioness in mating season, choosing her sexual companion carefully, she licked her lips as she walked toward him. "Help me! Is anyone there? Please, don't hurt me. I will do anything you ask," he spoke with urgency in his voice. The blindfold over his eyes and rope around his hands and legs would give him a scare until she revealed herself. Slowly she strutted, stilettos clicking on the hardwood floor. "Shh," Trouble spoke just above a whisper. "If you do as I say, you will leave here greatly satisfied." The closer she got, the more her body generated sex. She wanted to take him in every hole on her body but she wanted to take him for a ride first.

Trouble removed his blindfolds. When he saw her, a slight smile escaped his lips. She knew that he wasn't afraid anymore, although he should be. He scanned her body from head to toe, immediately becoming aroused. The black see through, sheer, lingerie she had on hypnotized him. Damn! he thought while not being able to take his eyes off of her. "You like," she asked spinning around slowly to give him a full eye's view. Her ass was firm, smooth like butter and he wanted to spread her open and enjoy every bit of her. Her breasts were full, perky, some of the best he had seen and he had seen a lot in his time. Her nipples stood hard like chocolate covered raisins that he wanted to eat over and over again. The black stilettos she wore made her legs look long, toned and beautiful. He imagined them wrapped around his neck.

When Trouble turned back to give him another look at her curvaceous backside, she bended over in slow motion, grabbing both ankles. She held her pose and then touched her toes. She wanted him to see just how flexible she was. His dick got harder and harder, but the rope kept him from moving. It was about to rip out of his pants. He bit his lower lip, wishing it was one of her beautiful candies. Trouble moved like a cat, sleek and elegant, seductive and demanding attention. He watched in amazement. The way she worked her assets was none like any other. He wondered if she was an exotic dancer. She moved her hands from her toes, to her ankles, and then up to her thighs. She moved up her flat stomach, to her mesmerizing breasts, touching them tenderly. When she finished, she put one finger inside her mouth and sucked it. He almost fainted wishing her finger was his dick, her lollipop. He wanted to show her just how many licks it took to get to the center of his lollipop.

Trouble saw the huge bulge in front of her captive. It was her turn to smile. She couldn't wait to devour him. But first, she wanted to finish her show. She made a Vshape with her fingers and put it up to her mouth. She stuck her tongue in between them, moving it up and down, round and round, faster than what any human being should be able to do. She was driving him crazy. He wanted her. He wanted to feel her mouth on his body, preferably below his waist. "You like what you see," she asked. He nodded up and down in agreement. "Soon Baby! Just relax and enjoy the show. There is so much more to come. You cannot leave until I want to you." He smiled again, believing her. The rope didn't feel tight anymore, in fact, it was becoming an aphrodisiac.

Trouble bent down in front of him, removing the rope from around his ankles. She took off his shoes and socks. "Can you raise up for me Baby? I need to get these off." He did as instructed. She slid his pants down his legs, on to the floor, kicking them away with one of her stilettos. She smiled, looking into his eyes when she saw the prize she would win. Trouble retied the rope around his ankles, then undid the rope around his hands. She removed the remainder of his clothing. "Now the games can begin."

Trouble kissed his lips, sucking on his tongue gently. She worked his mouth with her own, like she would later work his dick. He kissed back but lost the fight when she placed her hand on him. She moaned. He was well endowed. Trouble kissed her way down his neck, his chest, his hard solid abs and then when she found the spot she wanted, she stopped. She stared at it, beaming. Trouble was about to take him for a ride but before she did, she had to fuel up. She buried her head inside his legs, spreading them a little wider. When her mouth found what she wanted, she kissed him there the same way she kissed his lips. He bucked at the intensity she gave, but he wasn't able to go anywhere. She worked him overtime. Sucking, licking, kissing, blowing, Trouble gave him all of her skills. She blew, as her tongue moved up and down, in circular motions. He became retarded, slobbing all over himself. He arched his back, his butt stood from the chair, but the rope held him in place. "Damn Girl! Shit! Where in the hell did you learn that from?" Trouble continued to fuel her ride. She didn't want to run out of gas along her undetermined destination.

When she felt him thump, she kissed harder, licked faster and when he climaxed, she sucked all of it away. She left him as clean as if she had just given him a bath. He growled, he shook, he cursed her. The things he said turned her on. Sure she had it all, Trouble straddled him it her back facing him. She eased into gear, feeling the hardness of his stick shift. She began her ride. Trouble moved slow and steady at first, moving from first gear to second. When she got to third, she increased her speed. By fourth gear, Trouble had him moaning out little terms of endearment. "Baby! Love! Sweetheart!" He called her names she could learn to adore. When it was almost time to go into fifth gear, she slowed down a bit. She moved in circles, on the way down. Trouble rotated on the tip, his head gasket, but still sparked his engine. Suddenly, she threw it into overdrive. She sped up, she ran every red light, every stop sign. Trouble didn't care if she got a million speeding tickets. Just as he was about to cum again, she bent over in front of him and touched her toes. She spread her legs wider, she moved like a booty shaking video girl, gyrating to a crazy beat. He tried to hold on to her, to move with her, but he couldn't. She had him just were she wanted him.

Trouble sat back down on her joystick. She wrapped each one of her ankles around the bottom of the chair to brace herself. She worked each gear again, only this time more intense, more powerful, more explosive. When she felt one of her own orgasms sneak up on her, she slowed back down. Trouble would get hers but she still didn't know her destination. She switched gears again. He hollered. He cursed, he gave thrusts, he worked her although he was tied up. Damn, she thought. He was a beast. If he could do the things he did tied up, imagine what he could do untied. Nah, she said. Next time, Trouble told herself. Right now she wanted to continue her journey. When the flames burning inside her couldn't be extinquished any longer, she came. She moved faster, up and down, she cursed new words of her own. She pushed harder, rougher, deeper. Trouble finally found her destination. She found HEAVEN!


  1. I will look at a standard in a whole new light now. Most people do not realize foreplay can began anywhere. you can be on your way home driving a stick shift and the mere thought of shifting gears can signify the different level of desires you feel during's the anticipation you feel til you reach your ultimate goal. The more you work for it the better you/he will feel.

  2. Thanks Mysterious for your comment. I just want to say "kudos" to you for possessing an open mind and spirit. We in times find it hard to let go of our pasts when our guardians told us that "good girls don't do that". This is one of the reasons I decided to write a PASSION blog because I truly believe that when done in class, elegance and a little bit of TLC, many will slowly shed their fear of enjoying the various levels of passion and pleasure. The outcome is simply worth trying, I feel. Your lover will think you and show you a few tricks up their sleeves as well. Trust me! Don't allow others to dictate the intimacy and satisfaction you and your lover deserve. In time, I hope to bring everyone's PASSION LEVEL from 1 to 100. So, keep posting your comments, sharing your feelings and thoughts. I welcome them all! A writer's next best project stems from great feedback of his/her audience. I hope you continue to enjoy Passionate Pleasures.

  3. Never learned to drive a real standard, but always willing to be taught to switch gears.Extremely fun and exciting, because I love being in control of my destiny. Looking forward to my next road trip now!