Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Sahara's Dezire"

Sahara smiled when she saw him from across the room. They hadn't seen each other in three years, although they spoke regularly. He looked so sexy, so hot, so damn fine. She wanted to jump him right then and there but too many people where watching.

They had known each other for over fifteen yrs. They shared all of their secrets with each other. Some she didn't care to know and vice versa, yet, they remained the best of friends. Dezire was her first and only love. He was her first of many things. The feelings she had for him flooded her as she watched him across the crowded reception hall. He turned suddenly and saw her watching him. The slight smirk he portrayed, told her all she needed to know.

Sahara hugged and kissed the bride and groom, her girlfriends and vanished. The room she had upstairs was paid up for two nights, so she quickly slipped into something a little more sexier. The red stilettos were just the right attire. She knew when she found out that her cousin was marrying his homeboy, that they would run into each other, but just simply didn't imagine him looking like her next meal. Yes, Sahara would have him for breakfast, lunch and dinner if she had her way, and by the light knock sounding on her door, she knew that her menu was right on time.

As she opened the door, he almost fainted seeing her standing there wearing only the best shoes he had ever seen. Dezire blinked several times to make sure he was seeing correctly. Yes, she was wearing only stilettos. Sahara looked amazing. She still stole his heart, causing it to skip a beat. He felt his manhood thump against his leg. Damn, this girl is still the same! I am in heaven right now, he thought to himself, penetrating her with his gaze, holding her captive, seducing her. Only he was the one who had been seduced all night at the wedding. Whenever he turned around, his eyes searched for her. She appeared to be the only woman in the room. He wanted her. He wanted to ravish her until she begged him to stop. Well, tonight was their night and he would definitely perform above her expectations. Did Sahara know how bad he wanted her? Did she know she was all he thought about? After tonight, all of those facts would be clear.

Sahara stepped aside, allowing Dezire to step into the room. The candles flickered on his skin and she almost lost it. She loved the color of his skin. It looked just like brown sugar. The smell of lavender filled the air creating a relaxing ambiance, it was also both their favorite scents. Before he could turn all the way around, she was all over him. She kissed him long and hard, savoring the taste and feel of his soft lips. Dezire always had the softest lips Sahara had kissed. She missed them tremendously, but now, she was making up for lost times. He returned her kiss with more passion and intensity than she could have imagined. He still wanted her.

They allowed their tongues to dance the samba until the heat between them was too unbearable to fight any longer. Sahara walked in front of him making sure she gave him a little extra sway of her curvy hips and apple booty. She then bent down looking back at him. She gave him a full eye's view of her hidden treasure. Before she arrived in town, she sent her on a trip to Brazill and it was now hot and wet down there. He watched about to explode. That woman drove him crazy, he thought shaking his head from side to side. Dezire would soon get his chance to travel throughout the beautiful, flowing waters of Sahara's Brazillian gateway. Although she was named after a desert, nothing about her was dry.

When she finally stood up after the private show she gave, she stopped right in front of the bed. Sahara paused signaling him with her finger to come to her. He did without hesitation. Sahara removed his jacket, unbuttoned his shirt and then undid his belt. When he was completely undressed, she knelt down in front of him. Sahara gripped his firm ass, giving it a little pat. Dezire had a great ass, something she first noticed about him when they first met. She was glad some things never changed.

She eased her tongue over his protruding manhood for just a little taste. When she licked it round and round in circular motions, he buckled. "Oh, stand still for me Baby. I want to show you something." Dezire did as told, bracing himself to keep from falling. The way she was sucking, licking, blowing and taking him all inside her mouth, felt amazingly insane but he didn't know how long he could stand up. Sahara saw the agony when she looked up at him and slowly pushed him down onto the bed.

She worked his manhood like a 9 to 5, without taking a lunch break. When his body betrayed him and erupted, she sucked softly, taking in her protein shake. He fought to push her away, but she didn't allow him to move her. She wanted it all. She licked around the head and then back down the shaft again, making sure nothing was left. Dezire screamed out her name. When Sahara was sure she had it all, she made her way up his stomach, to his chest, which he loved. He liked when she did that, always had. Did he think she forgot about that? Sahara knew all of his secrets and the ones she didn't know, she would before they emerged from that room and then do them all over again, when the sun kissed the sky.

Finally making her way to his neck, Sahara assaulted him with her tongue. Before she straddled him, her tongue had French kissed his entire body. He shook uncontrollably. Sahara had him acting like a bitch. He tried to switch positions with her, but tonight, she would pleasure him. He could pleasure her another time. She wanted to show him just how much she missed him. She pushed him back down to show him that tonight, she was in charge.

"Baby, tell me how you want it. You can have it anyway you like. Your fantasies, I will fulfill." Dezire couldn't speak, so Sahara took matters into her own hands. She got on top of him and grabbed his love stick. She went down on it soft and slow at first. With each stroke, she went down more until he filled her completely, opening up her flower. She was now in full blossom.

Round and round, back and forth, up and down, fast and slow, hard and rough, she gave it all. Their sexual dance went on forever. When Sahara felt his seed about to arrive, she backed off, nice and slow. She wanted to torture him, yet perform an award-winning performance, one he would never forget. Suddenly when she couldn't contain the wave taking over her, she allowed the waves to take her on an endless ride on the big "O".

She came! She came hard and long, and when she thought it was over, she came over and over again. Sahara had gotten her Dezire. She would have him whenever, however, and wherever she wanted. She looked at him smiling at her and slapped the crap out of him. They laughed, holding each other until it was time to dance their lover's dance again.

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