Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dope D---Loving

I thought about this real long and hard, so let me share it with you...

Have you ever been so pleasured that you couldn't think straight?
Just sitting with your friends smiling, laughing, and suddenly get a chill?
Reminiscing about the good loving you received, leaving you wanting more and more, because now you know it's real...

It's that dope loving, staring up emotions and feelings left untouched, getting high with just a thought of how and what the d--- can do, mesmerized, hypnotized, unable to break free, shaking at the pit of your soul losing control, doing things you never thought of doing before,
Letting down your guard, opening up your imagination, becoming creative in ways that would make others look at you differently, ready to explore...

That dope d---loving, getting you higher and higher, setting your soul/p-ssy on fire, endless possibilities, sexual escapades, journeys to the unknown, riding
multiple waves of passion, receiving pure satisfaction, chemistry so hot, hitting all the right spots, pulsating each beat, as your body overheats, Damn! What amazing treats?

Shaking uncontrollably from head to toe
Shaking in the depths of your soul, fast or slow
Dope d---loving knows exactly how and where to go
On top, on bottom, on the bed or the floor, taking charge
and you're craving more and more
Bodies becoming one, as it's just begun,
Starting at night and ending seeing the sun...

All night long, ascending and descending rhythms,
Penetrating jisms making your toes curl, Sh-- what a very lucky girl,
That dope d---loving, put me in rehab only to return again and again,
Whining and grinding, can't see straight because the high of the loving is blinding, body fulfilled, ain't no need lying...

I never knew d--k could feel like this, so intoxicating, anticipating, appreciating, so necessary, boy bring me that dope d---loving in a hurry,
Put me to bed but not to sleep, let's make it do what it do in between the sheets,
Give it to me slow and rough, just the way I like, come on boy, and ride me like a bike, fly me like a kite, you do it just right, give me that dope d---loving all damn night...

Can't sleep, can't eat, can't function worth a sh--, all I do is think about that dope d--k, every touch, push, pull, every thrust, having some more is simply a must, once I bust,
You quench my thirst, I scream and curse, only between you and me, just US,
Divine delight, seeing fireworks, go a little harder, bring the HURT, become that Doctor,
The dope d---loving expert, receive all of my perks...

Assault my body, imprison me under your command, like Nike "just do it", I know you can, bring the thunder, lightening and rain, bring the pain, and when its all over, give me that dope d---loving, get me high, send my body to rehab, again and again

Dope d---loving, and they say diamonds are a girl's best friend....

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