Thursday, May 5, 2011

"Bedroom Menu"

Come with me let me take u on a little journey to the unknown
A passion so hot, it leaves us full and satisfied, our bodies on fire
A sensual seduction, u are my captive, my prey, my prisoner of love
Come away with me, Boy I'm about to get u high!

We begin our intoxication of ecstasy, an appetizer of foreplay
Leave your cares at the door, no worries, no fears, no turning back
The adventure awaits, your body will never be the same, as I drive u insane
Ravishing u on our bed frame, on silk sheets, rose pedals, u will be begging
For more, I'm about to take you there, give u what u  been waiting for,
Putting u on my plate, by candlelight or moonlight, I don't care, just as long
As U+I=WE getting ready to win a great victory, in this sex bowl!

I'm the quarterback on my way to becoming a wide receiver, Boy defense!
Let me make u my MVP, coach me into overtime, what do we want? TD,
What's that? TOUCHDOWN, we don't just have the bed as our home field advantage
There is the floor, walls, chairs, whatever, it's about to go down, use your imagination
The ultimate playbook!

As I gaze into your eyes, I anticipate my BIG surprise, sticky juices running down my
inner thighs, U got me dripping wet, yet I take it slow, I crave your touch, so like the yellow pages
Let your fingers do the walking, lips commence to talking, I can give u a mouth full and take one too!

As my inner sexual beast awakens desires never attended before, hold on a little while longer
Get ready, relax, your body is first on the menu and I am ready to devour, savor the taste
On your mark, get ready, get set, go!

First, I make love to your mind by getting inside your head, lay your head on my pillow, just relax
As our lips part and our tongues engage in a battle, close your eyes
No, I want them open, watch as I give u my deadly straddle
Our bodies melt, us becoming one, slow down Baby, our journey has just begun, we got all night!

I invade your personal space preparing a lip dance on your neck and then your d--k, stroking your
Lovers' tool before I take a lick, just to get you on edge, your nipples salute me while I beat each one
with a soft kiss, Damn how sweet, just like sugar, prepare yourself for so many other things I'm about to do
To you, I just can't help myself!

The main course still awaits of our five-star bedroom menu but I am in the mood for dessert right now
Moving down past your stomach to your magic stick, let me show u how, just a little trick
While I assault u with my tongue, lips, mouth, until I feel u burst, don't hold back Baby, quench my thirst
Give me all u got, hit me with your best shot, every inch, every drop, Boy u got my KITTY KAT so freaking hot!

As I climb up your thighs and slip onto your primed beef, my body betrays me having a mind of its' own
It rolls, it jerks, it moves up and down, in circles all around, filling my treasure with intense heat, raw passion
Perfection, my mind becomes blurry, no recollection, how can something feel this good, Oh what you do to me!

Each thrusts, more powerful, each stroke, more intense, an orgasm escapes, as another emerges
The electricity shooting, soaring through my body like a million power surges, dont' stop, don't stop,
I'm about to cum again, is this the end, I think not, round two begins, another course on our Bedroom
Menu is about to commence, now it's your turn to take me on a little adventure
I want it all, show me what u got, and I'm about to enjoy the ride!

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