Friday, May 20, 2011

Conversation With The P-ssy

Braxton couldn't contain the excitement she felt as she drove over to Tyrik's house. He called her out of the blue saying how much he missed and wanted to see her. They weren't exclusive but they fulfilled each other's sexual and emotional needs every chance they got that "itch". Braxton wasn't ready to jump back into a serious relationship after having just gotten out of an abusive marriage of eleven years. Tyrik respected her decision, but his heart didn't quite like that conclusion. He wanted to be with her in every way possible. All he did was think about her, day and night. The way she made him feel sexually was none like any other. She was and would probably be his "personal best."

When she knocked on the door of his house, he greeted her with a glass of wine and a smile. Tyrik didn't waste any time. He didn't find the use of clothing necessary when he was home, especially if he was seeing Braxton. When he was a kid, he was told by his mother how he didn't like to wear clothes and how she would always find him naked, sitting in front of his television watching cartoons, smiling from ear to ear. Tyrik greeted Braxton as she walked through the door. He softly kissed Braxton on her cheek, handing her the glass of wine. "Hello Beautiful! You been on my mind all day. Let me take your purse and coat. Get comfortable, this is going to be one of those nights." Braxton beamed. She knew all too well what kind of night he was referring to. They had had many of those nights, which she couldn't get out of her head.

After they connected emotionally, talking about each other's days, the drastic change in weather and other chain of economical events, Tyrik poured Braxton another glass of wine. "If you want me in any shape to do all the things I do, you betterr stop pouring me all of this wine. What is this, the fourth glass," she asked with a light laugh. "Exactly," he responded. "My intentions are to get you as light as a feather and then have the best conversation you have ever experienced." The devilish smile on Tyrik's face gave Braxton a little thump in between her thighs. She shifted in her seat to keep from cumming right then and there. Yes, Tyrik had that effect of her. She could cum just listening at his baritone, sultry, seductive voice. He was also a poet, so the sexy shit he said to her while they made love, drove her to ride waves, shoot electrical currents and explode several times before actual penetration. Tyrik was a bad mutha shut yo mouth.

Tyrik gazed into Braxton's big brown bedroom eyes getting lost in them. She had great assets that he loved, but her eyes always caught him off guard. Whenever he looked at them, his dick got hard. He would picture how they stared back at him when he made her cum, when he stroked her with his magic stick, when she screamed out his name. It was definitely time to have that conversation, he thought pulling her up from the sofa. He held her hand as he led her down the hallway, up the seven steps that led up to his bedroom. When they got there, Braxton gasped. She wasn't prepared for what she saw. There, in the room were about a hundred red roses, candles of all shapes and sizes cascaded sparks of light over the beautiful flowers. On the bed lay more long stem roses and rose pedals she couldn't count, inviting her to rest in the middle of the bed.

Soft jazz, Chris Botti, played low in the background. More glasses and a bottle of champagne rested on one of the night stands. The aroma of grapefruit and sage, her favorite scents, filled the air. Braxton had tears in her eyes. She looked back at Tyrik watching her. He smiled back and walked up next to her. "Baby this is all for you. I know that you don't want to have a serious relationship right now, but this is just assurance that I am not going anywhere. In fact, let me help you out of these clothes. I really need to talk to you about something, and these won't be needed." Braxton couldn't say a word. She allowed Tyrik to undress her down to her five inch heels, she purposely wore just for him. He loved seeing her in heels, especially when she didn't have anything else on with them.

Tyrik laid her gently on the bed of rose pedals. She held on to him. "Just relax Sweetheart. This is all for you. I want to show you all my gratitude for the way you always take care of me. Tonight is your night. I should have done this a while ago, but there's nothing more perfect than right now. I am right here and I promise you more of this, for as long as you will have me." Braxton melted. Her legs relaxed exposing the pathway to her wetland, which Tyrik had explored numerous times. He looked down and saw that her waters were flowing just like me loved. He whispered in her ear, "This is for the way you make my dick feel loved, cherished, and greatly satisfied. Tonight, I want to have a special conversation with your pussy. I want to express to her how much she means to me. How much she is appreciated, anticipated, enjoyed." Those words drove Braxton to a happy ending. She came soft and slow, but fierce.

Tyrik kissed a trail on her body from her forehead to her nose, to her chin, to her neck, to her nipples. He kissed her belly making his way downward. He kissed her inner thighs, her knee caps, he licked her legs and captured her feet. He sucked her toes, giving them the best head she had ever experienced. Tyrik licked each toe with much passion, intent and purpose. Braxton came again. "Damn, you trying to kill me Baby! I don't know how much more of this I can take." He placed his index finger over her lips. "Shh, just enjoy. Let me take you on a journey to the unknown."

When he finished giving her feet sexual suicide, he made his way back from which he came. When he found the place he wanted most, he began his conversation. Tyrik pushed Braxton's legs further apart, burying his mouth deep within them. He moved his tongue over her clit, brushing it softly. Braxton arched her back, giving him more of herself. He welcomed the slow thrusts she made with her hips. He kissed tender kisses, making circular movements, and then used the end of his tongue to penetrate her. Braxton cursed. She called him every curse word she knew, creating new ones, which he loved. Tyrik knew that she was enjoying the conversation, as was he. He continued using his mouth to speak to her pussy. It was on fire, wet as water in the deepest ocean, it made sounds that drove him further into it.

Tyrik sucked on her labia, clit, using his mouth to speak new languages. He made figure eights, used his mouth to make motor boat sounds and his lips as his secret weapon. Braxton kicked, pushed, pulled, tried to squeeze his head with her legs, but he pushed them as far as they could go, locking them in place with his arms wrapped around them. She then used her hips to slap him in the face with her pussy. He welcomed the gesture, sucking, licking, making soft bites with every one of her movements. She got hotter, wetter, she got faster. He knew she was about to cum hard, just the way he intended. When he felt the hot juice fill his tongue, he used two fingers, one to make gentle circles over her clit and the other to penetrate her insides. He pushed his finger deeper, feeling the explosive orgasm erupt from within her. Braxton screamed his name. She cursed harder. She worked his fingers and lips with her hips. When she finished her sexual assault on his mouth, he captured her again. He talked, he blow, he sucked, he licked, he gave her pussy his undivided attention.

Braxton couldn't believe the way Tyrik was making her feel. He was a beast in the bedroom, but tonight he was way above that. He was simply on another level. The intimacy between them was like none she had ever felt. She fell in love with him. She wanted him. She knew in that moment that she would have him for the rest of their lives. No other woman would ever feel what he was giving to her. Braxton closed her eyes, bit her bottom lip and allowed another wave of sexual bliss to take her over the edge of satisfaction once again. Tyrik watched her with his eyes peeking out from in between her thighs. He continued to have his conversation. He wanted her to feel his gratitude for the way she always made his dick happier than he even thought possible. When she finally couldn't take much more of his conversation, he moved back up her body, conversing with all of her assets until he captured her lips again. Her upper lips that is. He kissed her with so much intensity, passion, heat, she returned the kiss with her own fire. They kissed, sealing their love for each other and the promise to be together forever.

That night Braxton held her lover, her best friend, her passion, her desire, her future husband in her arms. She couldn't stop beaming at her left hand ring finger. When she had drifted off to sleep after the in depth conversation Tyrik had with her, she woke up with a beautiful, princess cut, solitaire diamond on her third finger. It was beautiful. Braxton woke Tyrik up with a conversation of her own. He opened his eyes thinking how he was the luckiest man alive. A woman who loved to love him in every way possible was about to become his love forever. They made love all night and then again when they woke up the next morning before breakfast. That night was the start of many conversations they would have with each other for the rest of their lives.

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